Founded in 1999, The Collective was established as an enironment for professional dancers and choreographers to gather and produce new work.  Founder Robin Synder-Wiencek responded to the need for a professional dance community in Baltimore City and created The Collective in residency at Experimental Movement Concepts on Falls Road in Hampden as a way to fulfill that need.  The dancers and choreographers in The Collective worked collaboratively on the artistic and adminstrative tasks involved in running a dance company.

The Collective established itself as a non-profit organization in 2001 as the company started to grow and take root.  As a part of the founding mission, The Collective gathered for bi-weekly classes, produced an annual concert, and embraced all styles of dance as the means for artistic expression.  

With the re-location of Experimental Movement Concepts to its current home in New Freedom, PA in 2009, The Collective shifted temporarly to its Pigtown home (Expression in Motion) and then established an artist-in-residency program at the Bryn Mawr School where the company currently resides.  

While the original founders/co-directors are no longer serving in the organization, The Collective maintains a leadership structure that is collaborative with the establishment of co-directors.  Since 2008, Jessica Fultz and Sonia Synkowski have served as the co-directors of The Collective, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and continue to carry the shared reponsiblities of managing the company.  


The Collective remains a hub for professional dancers and choreographers who reside in the greater Baltimore region.  The artistic responsibilities are shared among the members with annual opportunities for members to choreograph or direct a collaborative process.  The Collective promotes a shared vision with input from members collected throughout the development of a performance season.  

The Collective promotes dance as an art form and strives to generate meaningful opportunites for experiencing dance, participating in dance classes/projects, or developing collaborations among artists.  The Collective has strong roots in the Baltimore dance community  and is dedicated to foster growth among professional dance artists, adult learners, and pre-professional dance students.


The Collective's mission is tri-fold:

--To provide an environment for Baltimore's professional dancers and choreographer to work as a group, using each member's individual, distinctive style to create and perform new works.

--To connect with and to the local arts community through collaborations with other artists, guest residencies, bi-weekly dance classes, and performance projects

--To promote dance as an art form and provide opportunities for artists and students to develop their own artistry.